sobota 7. ledna 2012

Time to add some new photos

Here you are few tats and flash wich we make at last few months.

Some from Lenert

and Keclik´s

You can see more at our or on INSTAGRAM -@keclik, @lenert

neděle 11. září 2011

Some news

Here we are guys, and some new pictures are coming of course.
So, some pictures are from mine and Lennys trip to Bratislava - Fellows Tattoo Jam

tattoos we make there-

Lennys bird

and mine fox.

and of course we did some new tattoos at shop, so here are few of them

George Keclik

Lenny Lenert

You can see more at our profil.

sobota 9. července 2011

čtvrtek 10. března 2011

pátek 15. října 2010

Stoney Knows How

My last painting I did today after work is dedicated to one of a masters of old school tattooing- Leonard "Stoney" Clair.

neděle 19. září 2010

New Flashs...

After a loooong time I´m back again.) Here are some new pictures I did while that long time I wasnt here.

čtvrtek 21. ledna 2010

New tatts, new flashs

Here are some new tattoos I did at last days, and of course, I started painting a little bit again. This should be a "familly portrait" flash sheet.)

středa 23. prosince 2009

One from the last

One of the latest tats wich I did in my old shop.

Today was my last day at First Blood Tattoo!

pondělí 21. prosince 2009

My new shop

Yeah guys, this is Keclik from First Blod Tattoo.

I have a keys from my new shop!! Its located on Dobrovskeho st. 33 in Olomouc and I hope I can open that shop latest in February.

So hope you like it and come to visit me there.

Oh yes, and here are some pictures from there.)